That’s the second time I’ve cried (not just teared up, but actually cried) while re-watching LOST. What is wrong with me???

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Mine - Beyoncé (ft. Drake)
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Wonder (Spontaneous) | Bethel Music and Amanda Cook

I was listening to this yesterday, and it made me very happy.

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I’m trying to teach ~at-risk and homeless~ youth how to calculate hours worked for their timesheets. God, grant me the spiritual gift of teaching.

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Hi, tumblr.

I’m rewatching LOST in my free time here in Detroit. I cried last night.

And it makes me happy to see cast from It’s Always Sunny.

Anyways, hi.

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So, thedrunkardsofmexico tagged me in a chain post like a middle school girl so I had to post 6 pictures of myself… And I have to tag 3 more people to do the same. So, hallucinatingthings, hyesungfrancis, and tor-nadoo. ❤️

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i have eight middle names

Morgan “Money Lea Rochelle” Smith

But that’s only 3 names???

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I just had a dream where I was pregnant, really pregnant, and riding along with tylerheston in some sort of superhuge vehicle and we saw a glass ink factory and then a waterspout.

….I didn’t impregnate you did I?

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Bless this tv show.

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Yay, Detroit! ↘

Hello friends!

I have the blessed opportunity to spend six weeks this summer in Detroit, Michigan (America’s greatest comeback city). I will serve as an intern with the Friends of Jesus Fellowship, a “network of communities and ministries gathered around a common experience of the living presence of Jesus in our midst.” My time will be spent investing into the FoJF community in Detroit and partnering with the Ruth Ellis Center, which supports homeless and at-risk youth. (Find out more at and

Along with the six weeks in Detroit, I will have spend brief time in Barnesville, Ohio, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC visiting other FoJF communities and related ministries.

I am happy to say that I am setting aside money from paychecks that should cover the basic costs for this exciting experience. However, I decided to open the opportunity for others to partner with me as I serve both spiritually and practically this summer. If you feel led, I would greatly appreciate any sort of support, no matter how small.

I have a nifty gofundme set up at

In Christ,
Tyler Heston

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